Get me J.J. Abrams on line 1

I wish we had more mashup films like AVP or Freddy v. Jason, or at least some sequels that were willing to try something new. I can think of a couple dozen guaranteed hits right off the ol’ bean:

  1. Back to the Future / Terminator: Picture the T-1000 clinging to the back of the Delorean
  2. Big Lebowski / the Muppet Caper: The exact same movie but with muppets
  3. 90 minutes of Tom Cruise running / Speed
  4. Ken Burns: A Captain America Civil War
  5. Die Hard: Assisted Living Community
  6. James Bond cracks and turns into a villain – Jason Bourne tasked to bring him down.
  7. Shawshank Redemption, but they are all ghosts inside the Ghostbusters ghost storage facility.
  8. Christine / Fast and Furious
  9. Mrs. Doubtfire is The Fugitive
  10. The Jungle Book / Predator
  11. National Lampoons Addams Family Vacation
  12. Beetlejuice vs The Exorcist
  13. Bill & Ted phone booth breaks down in a concentration camp (serious)
  14. Con Air / Sully
  15. Conan the Barbarian Coming to America
  16. Edward Scissorhands / Barbershop
  17. Godfather vs. Godfather II
  18. Up / Gravity
  19. Gremlins / Waterworld
  20. 2001 / Her
  21. Highlander but the duels are face-melting guitar solos
  22. Indiana Jones and the Planet of the Apes
  23. Groundhog Day but from the perspective of Ned Ryerson, who is also trapped in the same day.
  24. Kong : Jurassic Park
  25. Two hours of Sean Connery working as a speech pathologist. First client: Stallone. Like a Finding Forrester for overcoming speech impediments

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