Meeting Minutes

Have you ever had that feeling during an important meeting like you’re not sure why you were all called together or why you are there? Like when you are called together for a meeting but then the organizer and everyone else you would normally recognize isn’t there, so you just sit there as a group and raise eyebrows at each other, wondering who everyone around the table is until someone finally says something like “well.. i’ll guess i’ll start us off.” Yeah. So long story short I walked into the wrong meeting room and accidentally took part in a meeting about frogs.

I wasn’t brave enough to step out of the meeting once we got going. Learned a lot.

I’m so alone here.

You know that moment when you’re really feeling something, and you’re so full of emotion you want to hash out your feelings with someone else and hope they’ll validate your feelings, so you decide to share it and you walk up and try to talk to someone about it, and they’re like, giving you that concerned eyebrow shuffle on their face, like they’re concerned for your well being? Yeah. I’m right there, right now. About waffles. I am full of waffle-love, and have no one to share it with. I am not in close proximity to waffles or waffle-making technology, so I’m just stuck here on lonely waffle island, wanting them, waiting, hoping a ship made out of waffle will pass by.