What a time to be alive.

Yesterday I whipped out my smartphone, used an app to locate and reserve a nearby car2go rental car and got walking directions to it. As I approached the electric car I held up an NFC card to unlock it through the windshield and without a key. I got in and drove away while speaking out loud a text message to be sent via my smartphone to someone telling them I was going to be late, based off of the traffic indicators on the in-dash lcd screen in the car showing heavy traffic ahead. A voice came through the speakers, informing me that I would need to recharge the car within the next 20 miles. I pulled into a charging station and hooked up the car, paying with another NFC card, which sent a receipt to me via email. While it was recharging I wandered over to Taco Bell. It wasn’t until then, when I was holding a taco shell made from Doritos in my hand, that I thought to myself “the future is now.”

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